Cheese Tasting Box

$35.00 inc. gst

Our cheese tasting box presents a selection of our favourite cheeses across the deli range- cheddar, soft, flavoured, blue, sheep. The tasting experience is enhanced by the accompanying flavours of salami, dried fruit, nuts, quince paste and olives.

This tasting box will make a great addition to your next picnic or small gathering. 

Cheese tasting boxes cost $35



Each box contains:

  • 5 portions of cheese (50g)
  • 1 pack crackers
  • 8-10 Slices of cacciatori (50g)
  • Sicilian olives (small)
  • Nuts OR Dip ( Extra small)
  • 1 potion of quince paste (50g)
  • Dried fruit (8 pieces)
  • Garnish

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Cheese Tasting Box
Cheese Tasting Box
$35.00 inc. gst

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